Secure caravan storage at affordable prices.
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We are a totally sheltered storage site, surrounded by pallisade fencing, with automated double entry/exit gates. I.e. when you enter through the first gate, the car and caravan cross onto two separate sensor grids,the gate closes behind you, when the first gate closes only then will the second gate open to allow full entry,

The latest hi-tec sensor cameras are mobotic I.P.which record  face  and number plate data.

This data is stored.

On exiting a third grid is crossed, the reverse operation occurs to exit the site.

  • CaSSOA approved storage sites are more secure.
  • Security helps reduce crime.
  • Therefore CaSSOA approved storage sites help to reduce crime.

A&G Caravan Storage is a Gold Award Site!

Gold Award
These sites are of course the most secure, and have very high standards of security. All other risks to the stored caravans have been addressed, and wherever possible eliminated.
This is the standard everyone should strive for. Gold CaSSOA Storage Site